Mountain Bike Group Ride

June 5, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
The Brandon Hills
Ethan or Clayton

Join us for a fun group ride in the Brandon Hills!  Whether you are brand new to mountain biking or a seasoned vet we have a place for you to join us.

Not sure which group you should ride with? Here is a little guideline

Group 1: Rides at a slower pace and stops at most trail junctions to ensure that no one gets lost or left behind. Rides are typically 6 to 8 km long.

Riders who like this group:
-You are new to trail riding but want to ride more
-You are new to the Brandon hills (have never left the main ski loops, or are concerned about getting lost)
-You are concerned that you will be too slow for the other groups
-You have the skills for group 2 but want a slower pace

Group 2: Rides at a faster pace than Group 1 (11-12 km/h), with stops at major intersections only. Rides are typically 10 to 12 km longRiders who like this group:
-You have been trail riding
-You have ridden the single track Brandon hills but are not exactly sure where things are
-You are comfortable at moderate to high speeds in tight trees/steep decents
-You want to get faster and are willing to try and keep up to faster ridersGroup 3: This is the fastest paced group, with relatively few stops. Average pace would be 12-14 km/hand rides are between 12 to 18 km long. It’s generally assumed that in this group you know the trail system well enough that if you get separated from the main group you will know how to get to the destination or back to the parking lot without assistance.Riders who like this group:
-You trail ride on a regular basis
-You know all or most of the trails in the hills
-You want to be pushed to go as fast as you can and are looking for a good work out