Pick the plan that works for you

Buying Fun Just Got Easier!

What's in it for me being a Stream N Wood Cardholder?

  • There's a ton of amazing benefits: pay at your convenience; 0% interest saves you money; keep credit cards and savings for other expenses and emergencies; access to exclusive events; and much more!

Do I have to pay off my balance before I make another purchase with my Stream N Wood card?

  • You can make as many purchases as you would like, up to the limit of your card. You can choose a different plan each time you make a separate purchase

Where can I make payments?

  • line banking, at your bank, telephone any Fairstone branch, and by mail.

How can I keep track of purchases on my Stream N Wood card?

  • You’ll receive easy -to -read monthly statements, and you can call Fairstone 7 days a week!
  • Customer Care: 1 888 638 2274

What if I can’t pay the balance in full before No Payment / Interest plan expires?

  • Great news! If something comes up and you can’t pay, your local Fairstone branch offers options to help you avoid the revolving interest!
  • Branch Address: 1-839 18th St, Brandon MB
  • Phone: 204 727 5468